Re: Summertime Shootout File Uploaded to

Gary DeBock

Ron and Paul,
     Thank you very much for your positive comments on the Summertime Shootout article.  It was fun to write, and I'm very pleased that it is proving helpful to Ultralight enthusiasts as they prepare for a thrilling DX season.
     Ron, I am aware of two typos that made it into the Shootout posted on, but haven't yet figured out how to edit them in the protocol (without re-posting the entire document).  Anyway, if anyone would like a perfect shootout file with superior photos, I would be happy to send it directly by email.
     The DT-400W's great AM performance was quite a surprise here, and a timely discovery right before the DX season.  Having had the dubious distinction of being responsible for driving the price of the SRF-T615 into the stratosphere because of my recommendation in the January 2008 Shootout, I would like to make amends by recommending that all interested hobbyists purchase their DT-400W models ASAP, before Sangean responds to the booming interest with a booming price increase.
     73,  Gary DeBock  

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