Re: TP Season Not Quite Over Yet

Carl DeWhitt

When would be the best time for East coasters or those near the East coast to give TPs a try ? Not that i have much hope of hearing any till i improve my antenna situation but,since West coasters have heard TAs,maybe i might give it a try some time.
Carl DeWhitt

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Hi Jerry,

Congratulations on your barefoot PL-310 receptions of JOUB-774 and JOIB-747
in Longmont, Colorado-- truly a great DXing accomplishment! It's always
fascinating to read of TP receptions in inland states, especially on
barefoot ULR's.

In answer to your question, the very first TP receptions on ULR's happened
about 2 years ago in November, but they weren't received during our local
west coast sunrise at all-- they were received around local midnight, just
like your JOUB-774 and JOIB-747 receptions (and they followed the same
propagation pattern). If you can time your DXing for the Asian sunset period
like this, you should have more TP-chasing opportunities during these late
November and early December days.

Here on the west coast our "local sunrise" TP-chasing season peaks in
September and October, but we are still coming up with nice catches
occasionally, even now. This propagation path typically drops off around mid-November,
but returns around March (at somewhat weaker levels). From now on (for
about three months), both for west coast and inland TP-chasers, the best bet
is to try for the Japanese and Korean powerhouses just after local midnight,
when the Asian sunset gives TP propagation a boost.

73 and Good Luck,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)

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gerfmon@... writes:

Hi all,

Very early this morning I was able to copy JOUB-774 and JOIB-747 barefoot
with my PL-310 from Longmont, CO. JOUB remained fairly weak, but JOIB
peaked up with a very nice signal at 07:40 UTC (12:45 AM MST).

According to Geoclock this is around sunset time over most of Japan.

None of the other powerhouse Japanese stations were head.

Question: being a newbie at TA and TP MW listening, will there be another,
perhaps weaker peak around the Spring Equinox? Kind of like sporadic E on
the higher frequencies where there's a big peak around around the Summer
Solstice and a lesser peak at the Winter Solstice?

Jerry Sharp, KD0GS
Longmont, CO.

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