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Steve Ponder <n5wbi@...>


Thanks for the link. I just ordered a second one for
myself. With the free shipping, it costs the same as
my first one that I purchased from Amazon that I had
to pay shipping for!

Gary D's confidence in these radios ...

After ordering three DT-400W review models for the
Summertime Shootout and having all three units arrive
from the factory in an excellent state of wide-band
AM sensitivity, I can strongly recommend this
innovative new receiver for any Ultralight DXer looking
for a thrilling fall DX season. It is highly unusual
for the Chinese factories to consistently perform
excellent AM alignments, but Sangean has apparently
managed to accomplish this. As long as you can
tolerate the yellow color, you'll love it :>)
makes me feel pretty good that this second one should
perform as good as my first one.

Plus, I personally think the yellow color is attractive!
The "yellow jersey" color is a conversation starter!
Good way to get others into the hobby!!


Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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