Re: DT-400W Performance

Gary DeBock

Hello Joe and Ron,
     Thank you both for the excellent links and information on the new Sangean DT-400W model.
     After ordering three DT-400W review models for the Summertime Shootout and having all three units arrive from the factory in an excellent state of wide-band AM sensitivity, I can strongly recommend this innovative new receiver for any Ultralight DXer looking for a thrilling fall DX season.  It is highly unusual for the Chinese factories to consistently perform excellent AM alignments, but Sangean has apparently managed to accomplish this.  As long as you can tolerate the yellow color, you'll love it  :>)
     As explained in the Shootout, the E100 would still be the preferable choice for modifications and/or 9 kHz split frequency DXers, but with two outstanding Ultralight models to choose from, this upcoming fall DX season should be a real thriller for everybody!
     73,  Gary     

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