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Carl DeWhitt

I did some testing last night.But i tried only in the 9 Khz step mode.I also noticed that it only remembered frequencies that are multiples of 9.The only 10 Khz channels it remembered were those that are shared channels at 540 and every 90 Khz thereafter.(630,720,etc).So you tried in the 10 Khz step mode and it only remembered 9 Khz step channels ? I guess we will need to set our D96Ls at the 9 Khz step closest to the 10 Khz channel that we want to start our dx sessions on.
Carl DeWhitt

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Hi Carl,

I tested your suggestion, spot-on. The radio only "remembers" frequencies that are multiples of 9, or 9 Khz steps. I tried this after switching the radio to 9 and 10 Khz steps, same outcome on both settings. Explains why 1440 would work for me and others would not, 540 for another. Both are even 9 Khz steps.

Nice to know it's not a defective radio, only a design quirk.



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I noticed something last night when i tuned to one of the 9 Khz split channels ,turned off the D96L and then turned the radio back on.The frequency had remained where i left it.Maybe it remembers frequencies tuned in the step(9 or 10 Khz) in which it is set or maybe it remembers only those frequencies in the 9 Khz steps.I will investigate this further.
Carl DeWhitt

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Yes, my D96L does the same. It will "remember" a couple of stations, in my case it is 1440. I too am trying to replicate the cause. Please post if you figure it out, I will do the same.


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Except that occasionally, mine does "remember" another frequency, albeit very close... 540!

I've been trying to replicate what it is that I do to cause it.



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Nothing wrong with your particular units. It is is a design flaw.

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I have essentially the same problem but mine reverts back to 522 Khz since
it was in the 9 Khz step mode.I have not tried out the memories yet.It seems
that i have read of this problem before.I don't know what the solution might
be.I have been entering the frequency via the keypad to return to the
previous frequency.
Carl DeWhitt
Maryville, Tn.

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> Hello All,
> Yesterday I received my new D96L, was very excited after waiting 16 days
following the ebay purchase from hygt369.ecrater.
> Upon charging the battery and testing the unit I found that it does not
remember the last MW (AM) station to which I was tuned. It always starts at
520 Khz regardless of the last station I was listening too. FM and SW do not
have the same problem. Setting the memories does not help the problem.
> I have tried resetting the radio, cleared all memories, read the english
manual from our group (thanks!) but the problem remains. I suspect I either
have overlooked something or have a defective radio.
> Hoping someone can offer an answer.

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