loggings Aug 25/26

Allen Willie

Hi Everyone,
Conditions here seemed to be up and down  thru the night . Tried to continue logging  the rarer ones again last evening for the Robert Ross 30 day challenge with the SRF-M37V and SRF-39FP Ultralights
More logs as follows:
1431 khz - Djibouti, R. Sawa,   Arta  8/25/08  22:58 UTC  w/ arabic songs , R. Sawa ID and dot com address mentioned; good  SRF-M37V
1494 khz - France, France Info Clermont  8/25/08  23:01 UTC w/ woman reading news in French, ID  ; good  *** NEW ONE*** on ULR  SRF-M37V
1035 khz - Italy RAI  Uno 1 - Pescara   8/25/08   23:26 UTC w/ men talking in interview in Italian ; fair   SRF-M37V
765 khz - Switzerland   Option Musique   8/25/08  23:45 UTC w/ pop songs in English , ID  fair   SRF-M37V
1200 khz - CFGO Ottawa, Ontario   8/26/08   00:22 UTC w/ sports programming, 1200 The Team ID , baseball scores ; fair   SRF-M37V
950 khz  - CKNB - Campbellton, New Brunswick   8/26/08  7:47 UTC  w/ oldies and 95-CKNB Your Radio Station ID   SRF-39FP
880 khz - WCBS - New York, NY  8/26/08   7:49 UTC  w/ "It Matters where You Get Your News"  Newsradio 880 WCBS ID ; traffic report ; good  SRF-39FP
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V and SRF- 39FP barefoot

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