Re: Eton E100 tuning via knob

Gary DeBock

     Eton has never been inclined to provide service manuals or other assistance to technicians seeking to repair or modify their own units.  All of what we know about the E100's internal circuitry was discovered by investigation and trial and error, including the alignment procedure, IF filter replacement procedure, etc.
     In general, the "old" E100's have a pretty good quality control record, but I have seen a defective stock loopstick, and a couple of new units with whip antenna wires broken off.  Eventually the E100 owners will have a detailed record of potential problems, and how to solve them.  If you can solve your tuning shaft problem by disassembly or lubrication, please let us know about your procedure.  Otherwise, an owner with an inoperative E100 might have a part you need, or you could track down a parts unit on eBay, usually very cheaply.
     73,  Gary 

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