Re: Eton E100 tuning via knob

Gary Kinsman

Hi Gary,

Thanks for replying to my question. My E100 is S/N E10-0704030006,
purchased from Durham Radio back in May.

It does appear that the white tuning shaft to which the tuning knob
attaches does "wobble" a tiny bit when rotated. This may be the
problem, but I'm not sure how to correct it. I'll have to attempt
further disassembly at some point.

(This is just my luck with Eton products I guess. I had two high
serial number E1XM units with bad sync detector noise in USB/LSB
sync, and Eton declined to repair them, saying this was "normal,"
even though it didn't occur on two lower serial number units that I


--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your question. I have four E100's (admittedly
quite a fanatic) but have never run across this problem. It
sounds like friction due to a misaligned tuning shaft. Have you
tried further disassembly of the radio, after taking off the
tuning knob? There is a very detailed file on
regarding E100 disassembly.
We would also be interested in the serial # of your E100, if
you could give it. To my knowledge, this problem has never been
reported in any of the "old" E100's (serial numbers before E10-

73, Gary DeBock

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