Early TP Into Colorado Last Night


Hi all, I managed to hear JOUB-774 at 11:30 PM MST (06:30 UTC) into Colorado last night. I found this to be pretty amazing considering the sun was almost an hour from setting over most of Japan! Is this normal for this time of year over TP paths?

So far I've been able to copy JOUB-774, JOIB-747, JOAK-594, and JOAB-693 on my little Tecsun PL-310 hooked to my Palomar Engineers ferrite loop antenna. BUT I haven't copied any Korean or other Asian stations yet. You'd think with South Korea being next door to Japan that propagation would be similar? But so far no sign of superpower HLCA-972 or HLAZ-1566. Any suggestions of other Korean stations to listen for and at what times?

I'd also like to thank this group for all the wonderful infomation I've gleamed to actually hear trans-oceanic BCB stations! I've been listening for trans-oceanic BCB stations for years, using big rigs (Yaesu FT-1000D, Drake TR-7, Drake R-8, etc) and had never managed to hear one. Guess I simply was never listening at the right time of day during the right time of year. Now I'm hearing multiple stations using a cheap little $40 radio and an indoor ferrite antenna. I've even managed to hear a couple of the Japanese stations barefoot!

Again, thanks to all who have contributed here.

Jerry Sharp, KD0GS
Longmont, CO

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