Robert Ross 30 day Challenge and logs

Allen Willie

Hi Everyone,
Thought I would start my attempt at the Robert Ross Challenge of logging 300 stations in 30 days last evening . Thus far I  don't have a great number added to the list,  as I thought I would leave the commonly heards  for later on.
Last evening I concentrated more on logging some of the stations I've heard before but stations that don't come in that often, only now and then,  in case I don't have another shot at them  again within the 30 days.
I did manage to log 2 new domestics , one which I will be submitting for  a possible new graveyard frequency  distance record which will  outdistance my previous record by 500 miles or so.
So I'm up for the challenge and looking forward to it.
Just some of the  logs from last night as follows:
1467 khz - TWR via Monaco  8/24/08    22:59 UTC w/ religious programming in English, gospel songs ; fair
1512 khz - BSKSA Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  8/24/08  22:57 UTC w/ arabic chants and music ; fair
1053 khz - LJB  Tripoli, Libya   8/24/08   23:04 UTC  w/ song in arabic by wioman, cheering then into music; good (over usual Talksport England)
 972 khz - LJB  Sirte, Libya   8/24/08  23:43 UTC  w/ arabic chants  // 1449 good
1260 khz - WMKI Boston, Mass  8/24/08  23:54 UTC w/ R. Disney programming and ID's; fair
1413 khz - RNE5 Vigo, Spain   8/24/08  23:57 UTC w/ spanish pop songs and commentary // 1314 , fair
1310 khz - CIWW Ottawa, Ontario   8/25/08  00:04 UTC w/ oldies by Stevie Wonder and Stonebolt,CIWW Ottawa Oldies 13-10  ID ; good
1660 khz - WFNA Charlotte, North Carolina   8/25/08  3:25 UTC  w/ baseball game in progress, ID later ; fair
1062 khz - Danmarks Radio , Kalundborg  8/25/08   3:58 UTC w/ danish language and commentary with English songs between ; fair
1250 khz - WGAM  Manchester, New Hampshire   8/25/08   4:45 UTC  w/ ID by man ,WGAM 1250 The Game, sports programming; *** NEW ONE ** on UL's
1530 khz  - WCKY Cincinnati, Ohio   8/25/08   4:40 UTC  w/ "Homer The Sports Animal "ID, sports talk; fair
1170 khz - WWVA Wheeling, W. Virginia   8/25/08   5:02 UTC w/ Newsradio 11-70 WWVA  Wheeling " ID; good
1450 khz - WENJ Atlantic City, New Jersey   8/25/08  4:06 UTC  w/ Baseball game audio replays, Welcome to Sportline on ESPN Radio, mentions of Atlantic City ; fair  *** NEW ONE***  (submitting record for graveyarder at a distance of 1220 miles)
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V barefoot

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