Re: DT-400W Performance

Gary DeBock

Hello Paul,
     The DT-400W has an outstanding FM section, with sensitivity and selectivity equal to the best Ultralight models (E100 and the AM-turkey model DT-220V, which is outstanding on FM).
     The DT-200VX RF board has been completely redesigned in this new DT-400W, making the AM sensitivity significantly more wide-band than that of the DT-200VX.  It is also more wide-band than any other Ultralight model, including the previous best unit, the $100+ SRF-T615.  So yes, I do think it is worthwhile for a DT-200VX owner to purchase a DT-400W.  I am a DT-200VX owner, and I purchased three DT-400W ensure that the great performance was no fluke, before rating it tops in the Shootout. It's no fluke!
     73,  Gary 

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