WAS..... XEMF-780 Heard under WBBM..NOW...SANGEAN DT-400W

robert ross

At 11:29 PM 8/23/2008, you wrote:

BTW, I've been using my "yellow-jersey" Sangean DT-400W
and a pair of Koss "Sparkplug" earbuds.

I'm loving the DT-400W more and more each time I use it!

73 & Great DX,

Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

Steve and others........I too am the proud owner of the SANGEAN DT-400W ULR
Receiver!! I have only had mine for a few days, and really have only
listened to it in a very casual manner since then. Partly due to watching
the Olympics whenever I could...which was a lot, since I am off work on
Sickleave!! Also the FM band has been very good with TROPO Conditions...and
in the summer I spend a ton of time FM/TV DX'ing.

However the little time I have spent using the DT-400W has left me very
impressed with this little set. It is VERY SENSITIVE...and although not as
Selective as the SRF-39 or SRF-59.....it is Much better than the
SRF-T615....and maybe almost as good as the E-100. The conditions here are
just starting to pick up a bit and it won't be long until we start hearing
some decent stuff on the AM BCB again. I know this set is gonna be a winner
once things get going again. It appears to be able to hear stations and the
Audio is quite nice too. I can hardly wait for the Fall......I think this
radio will be seeing a lot of airtime!!

I am very happy to add this little Gem to my ULR Stable of Receivers!!

Gary...Have you got a 6 Foot Ferrite attached to yours yet???? HAHAHHA...


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