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I hope to get the 9' PVC box loop plans soon!
   Horacio A. Nigro



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Fantastic catch there buddy! I'm feeling a bit green around the edges after reading your report:)

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

--- In ultralightdx@ yahoogroups. com, D1028Gary@.. . wrote:
> Hello All,
> A modified ultralight radio has apparently received a TP station that is an
> all-time west-coast first-- regardless of any ocean beach location, or
> advanced equipment used.
> The 594-KBS1 station in Yeongju, South Korea (10 kw), is usually covered
> up by the Japanese super-station JOAK (300 kw) in Tokyo, Japan, and almost
> never gets a chance to be heard on the west coast. The station had never
> been heard during any recent west coast DXpedition (according to Chuck
> Hutton), or even by Patrick Martin, who has lived on the Oregon coast for over 25
> years.
> During weird late October propagation, I was using the experimental (and
> somewhat fanatical) 9' sided PVC loop, which has the highest Q (and best
> performance) on the lower band frequencies. While DXing with a modified
> C.Crane SWP ultralight radio around local sunrise at 1430 on October 29th, I
> found the signal from JOAK seriously underpowered, and detected a weak
> co-channel TP playing KBS-type (Korean) music on the frequency. Listening further,
> the music station rose up in strength to compete with JOAK, finally having
> a female announcer using what sounded like Korean. I recorded an MP3 of the
> JOAK-UnID mix, and submitted it to Chuck. Chuck submitted it to Bill
> Harms, who confirmed the language as Korean. Chuck then informed me that in his
> opinion, I had received the 10 kw KBS1 station in Yeongju, South Korea. A
> link to the MP3 recording follows, which apparently is the first case of an
> Ultralight radio receiving an all-time new TP on the west coast. The
> recording features the male voiced JOAK announcer, with the music (and
> female-voiced) KBS1 station mixing strongly.
> _http://www.mediafir zn_
> (http://www.mediafir zn)
> The experimental 9' PVC box loop has been thrilling beyond all
> expectations, and I hope to write a full report on its performance soon. Even in the
> modest inland location of Puyallup, it is a DXer's dream antenna.
> 73 and Best Wishes,
> Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA USA)

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