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Fantastic catch there buddy! I'm feeling a bit green around the edges after reading your report:)

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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Hello All,

A modified ultralight radio has apparently received a TP station that is an
all-time west-coast first-- regardless of any ocean beach location, or
advanced equipment used.

The 594-KBS1 station in Yeongju, South Korea (10 kw), is usually covered
up by the Japanese super-station JOAK (300 kw) in Tokyo, Japan, and almost
never gets a chance to be heard on the west coast. The station had never
been heard during any recent west coast DXpedition (according to Chuck
Hutton), or even by Patrick Martin, who has lived on the Oregon coast for over 25

During weird late October propagation, I was using the experimental (and
somewhat fanatical) 9' sided PVC loop, which has the highest Q (and best
performance) on the lower band frequencies. While DXing with a modified
C.Crane SWP ultralight radio around local sunrise at 1430 on October 29th, I
found the signal from JOAK seriously underpowered, and detected a weak
co-channel TP playing KBS-type (Korean) music on the frequency. Listening further,
the music station rose up in strength to compete with JOAK, finally having
a female announcer using what sounded like Korean. I recorded an MP3 of the
JOAK-UnID mix, and submitted it to Chuck. Chuck submitted it to Bill
Harms, who confirmed the language as Korean. Chuck then informed me that in his
opinion, I had received the 10 kw KBS1 station in Yeongju, South Korea. A
link to the MP3 recording follows, which apparently is the first case of an
Ultralight radio receiving an all-time new TP on the west coast. The
recording features the male voiced JOAK announcer, with the music (and
female-voiced) KBS1 station mixing strongly.


The experimental 9' PVC box loop has been thrilling beyond all
expectations, and I hope to write a full report on its performance soon. Even in the
modest inland location of Puyallup, it is a DXer's dream antenna.

73 and Best Wishes,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA USA)

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