Delayed Report :Grayland Day Four

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Friday morning was my last DX session for this trip to Room 15 at the Grayland Motel and it went much more as I had expected for yesterday... less intense, more gentlemanly (in modern-speak, would this be "personly?"  Completely different meaning and poorly spelled.)  Conditions were down noticeably from Wednesday and Thursday's excitement, so I cruised around the band from 1100 onward (LSR 1325).  A goodly number of re-logs... Japan and China were doing better than anything else and, though the DUs showed after LSR, they were weak and spotty.  Still, it was a great morning for me. Before dawn, I managed to add three more TPs to my Ultralight log.

I pretty much though that was going to be it, but then I cruised by 801 just at dawn where a woman was reading a long Biblical quotation. I had noted a station in EE here at bandfade yesterday, but it was too weak to have a chance at ID. After 20 years of DXing TPs, I don't have anything heard, much less verified on 801, so I was very interested.  I figgered it for an Aussie, though Aussie stations running religious programs are rare, and I noticed a an obscure 5-call in PAL that was at least a possibility.... excitement, plans for war dances, if it lasted until 1330 and I caught an ID.  It was sloooowly fading by 1325 and I happened to reread that page of PAL and it all came clear.... KTWG, Agana Guam!  It almost had to be!  Almost everyone else of the NW TP DXers has heard Guam at least once, but I've tried so many times for so many years, that I'd given up several years ago and kind of wiped them out of my mind.  At 1230, there was a station break with an announcer with a non-NAm accent and I THINK that I heard "Cornerstone."  KTWG is "The Cornerstone, AM 800" and runs religious programs 24-7, most syndicated.  I'll be reviewing the tape and sending KTWG a report this weekend with a recording and the name of the syndicated show.... here;'s hoping.  This is a presumed logging for right now, but "I'd bet my pension...."  Oh, by the way, the station was coming in so well that getting it on the E100 by off-tuning one kHz (802 kHz)  was no problem.... thanks to Guy Atkins' Murata IF filter mod.

Here are the Ultralight loggings:

567 JOIK, NHK1 Sapporo Japan 8/22/2008 1226 NHK1 //594
801 KTWG Agana Guam  8/22/2008 1328 Franchise Christian programs change at 1330
855 4QB Pialba Australia 8/22/2008 1340 // stronger 1548 with Local ABC net programming
936 Anhui RGD Hefei China 8/22/2008 1234 CC Talk
1314 JOUF Osaka Japan 8/22/2008 1248 JJ Romantic Play (Soap Opera)
1557 WYFR Fam.Rad Kouhu Taiwan 8/22/2008 1258 Hymn, Fam.Radio TS, then CC talk by fem

Well, I'm up to 83 TP Ultralight loggings.... in 16 countries.  I did some planning for the assault on 100 TPs... it might just be possible this season, but its going to take both work and luck. I'm sure going to try.  Getting to twenty countries, TP may just not be possible... certainly not this season.  After 20 years with the big radios, I'm only in the low 20s out here and several of those QSLed countries (Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Solomons, New Caledonia) are either off the MW air entirely or are unheard here in a number of years.  I expect to get Viet Nam 675 when the fall season is in full cry, but from there.... Kiribati and Micronesia are possibilities at some point, but that leaves me at 19..... hummmmmm.  Maybe China will break into at least three pieces as has been predicted at times. Hummmmm.

Well, thanks to Ultralighting  (and 4HI + KTWG) this was my most enjoyable DXpedition in many years... what a blast.

I'll combine all my Ultralight loggings and get together a DXpedition report in the next few days.

Thanks for discovering this stuff, Gary!!!

John B. 

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