Topsail Beach logs

Allen Willie

Sunset Dxing and later under the stars  at Topsail Beach, Newfoundland last evening with the SRF-M37V and SRF- 39FP barefoot.
Nothing new of any sort but conditions were excellent and very low noise being out and  away from St. John's. Unusual evening in that strong transatlantics which usually occur to start with were weaker and Canadian and American stations dominated early on.
A few logs as follows:
760 khz  - WJR Detroit, Michigan   8/22/08   23:40 UTC  w/ Talk Show and 760 -WJR ID , fair
780 khz - CFDR Dartmouth,Nova Scotia   8/22/08  23:41 UTC  w/ religious program ; very good
790 khz - CFNW Port Aux Choix,Newfoundland   8/22/08  23:44 UTC  w/ country music (relay of CFCB) ; good
810 khz - CJVA  Carraquet, New Brunswick  8/22/08  23:46  UTC  w/ french and country music songs in french; good
1008 khz  - Radio Punto , Las Palmas Canary Islands   8/22/08   23:48  UTC  w/ spanish commentary and music , ID ; good
1160 khz - WSKW Showhegan, Maine  8/22/08  23:37 UTC  w/ JC Penney AD , college day promo, ESPN Radio ID, mentions of Maine; good
1580 khz - CKDO Oshawa, Ontario  8/22/08  23:50 UTC w/ local ads , 1580-CKDO ID; oldies played, good
1600 khz - WNRB Boston, Mass  8/22/08  23:47 UTC  w/ spanish programming ( Usually second harmonic from local   800 khz  covers this one up in St. John's)
Allen Willie
Dxing at Topsail Beach,Newfoundland
SRF-M37V and SRF - 39FP barefoot

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