Re: Station identification.

Gary DeBock

Hello Richard,
     Our Ultralight DX Awards program does indeed emphasize the honor system in station identification, and this concept certainly assumes that the DXer will fully investigate and evaluate all possibilities before claiming a reception.  In general, each DXer has the responsibility to ensure that his loggings are trustworthy beyond a reasonable doubt, and that the claimed loggings are reasonable in consideration of propagation, language, format, etc  The general principle is that the value of the loggings is only as good as the DXer's standard of station identification (and investigative work, if necessary).
     AM-DXers will usually go out of their way to answer questions about station formats, ID slogans and other programming clues, in efforts to help someone with an UnID question.  Although every DXer must set his own standard of station identification, it's necessary to have conclusive evidence before logging, although this may delay the process.  Eventually 99% of the mysteries clear up, although some never do, unfortunately.
     73,  Gary DeBock    

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