Station identification.


How much lee-way is permitted in claiming reception of a station? In
the past it's been my practice to only claim reception of a stations
if I heard something unmistakably identifying the station. But I've
noticed some DXers claiming reception on sketchy information.

I really never thought much about it until yesterday. While listening
on 1110 kHz, at 1100 UTC, I heard a partial call through Radio
Guadalupana and KFAB's signals. All I heard was "K?FL Studios". My
guess it was KGFL, Clinton AR (6 kW @ 458 km). That was immediately
followed by a seven-day weather forecast from another station. There
was nothing remarkable about it other than a low/high tide forecast.
No location was heard and the signal quickly faded out. I've checked
weather/tide forecasts on the Internet and looks like it could be New
Orleans. So, is it enough to claim I heard KOWN, Chalmette LA (21
Watts at 911 km)?

While listening on 790 kHz last evening, I heard the unmistakable time
pips and CW ID of Radio Reloj under KXXX, Colby KS. Even though I
didn't hear a voice, can I claim reception of the Cuban station?

In the past, I would have just listened again on the frequency until I
heard the questionable station.

What is allowable? In the end I realize it's an "honor" system. What
are your feeling on the matter?

Good DX,
Richard Allen.

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