21 August - Third Morning at Grayland: YEE-HAW!!

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>


After two good but fairly pressure-packed  DX mornings, I sort of anticipated a more leisurely AM today, cruising up the band noting all the stations that I'd logged on the first two AMs and logging a few new ones in a gentlemanly fashion.... there just couldn't be that many more stations available right now.  I did hope that the North Koreans would reappear and at such strength that I could nail another Ultralight country in the rapidly declining number of those left. Sounded like a plan to me. 

The general pattern of receptions was a match to the two previous AMs.... from about 1120 (LSR around 1320). As usual, when I tuned in, there were a few weak DUs around and the Asians, especially the Japanese, were already in at very good levels. As time wore on, the Chinese gained in number and strength. but with more JJs appearing, too, along with BOTH Koreas. Also as usual, dawn marked the demise of most of the Asians, to be replaced with lots of hets and weak DUs. The DUs lasted even longer than usual after dawn. I quit at 1400 and there were still several bits of audio around.

So, the general pattern was as expected. What was not anticipated at all was the pace of logging new stations. Although few signals were at astounding levels, general conditions were just excellent, and wide-spread, too.  I kept very busy logging new stations, totalling 12 new Ultralight TPs today and shocking myself by adding FOUR new countries (North Korea, Russia, Taiwan and East Malaysia!!!)

To top things off, I was tuning up the band one last time with the 313e, more than 30 minutes after dawn and, as I passed 1143 kHz, this Aussie sez, plain as day "4HI......" followed by a brief slogan and into a pop song. I could not believe it! In 18 years of DXing out here, I've NEVER heard 4HI... wasn't really aware that it existed. I quickly dialed 1143 on the E100, while the song was playing (it was THERE, too!) I got my internal recorder going and waited for the song to end.  Things were fading fast, but the song was over and there it was again "4HI" with a very processed sound. The signal faded during the third number.  4HI is a 5 kW commercial Aussie in Emerald, Queensland and may set another new 5 kW distance record... I'm gonna have to measure carefully, as 4TAB in Townsville is the current record.

So, it was an excellent morning, over all, but I'll treasure the 4HI logging as one of those real gems that comes along only once or twice a season, if that.

The Ultralight loggings:

648 V. of Russia Ussur, Sib. Russia 8/21/2008 1300 Russian M. approaching TOH; Bells of Moscow?
729 5RN Adelaide Australia Oceania 50 8/21/2008 1331 "ABC News" with M+W
738 Taiwan Fish. Baisha Taiwan 8/21/2008 1307 CC talk // weaker 1143
819 KCBS Pyongyang North Korea  8/21/2008 1151 Hrd. On 818. Typical NK martial orchestral music
837 CNR5? Zangban? China 8/21/2008 1125 Man Talk. Prob. new station to Taiwan from Fujian
873 JOGB NHK2 Kumamoto Japan 8/21/2008 1220 Int. EE lessons //774
981 CNR1 Synchro China 8/21/2008 1224 Olympics //5030. Hrd. On 982
1143 Taiwan Fish. Baisha Taiwan 8/21/2008 1310 CC talk // stronger 738
1143 4HI Emerald Australia Oceania 5 8/21/2008 1344 IDs, slogans, Oldies
1278 JOFR Fukuoka Japan 8/21/2008 1234 Olympic coverage JJ. Also maybe Heibei
1323 GovoritPekin Shuanghyashan? China 8/21/2008 1158 Quiet mx to TOH, then Russian male ann.
1475 RTM Labuan Kota Kinabalu East Malaysia 8/21/2008 1144 Hrd. On 1474 to miss 1476 QRM. Slight undermod
1566 HLAZ* Cheju Isl.* South Korea*  8/21/2008 1241 Heard Barefoot: T615; Was S-8 on 313e

Total of 12 new Ultralight loggings with the 837 Broadcaster to Taiwan as a tentative.  I'm hoping for ID help from Chinese friends, though I have not yet gotten a good TOH recording.

And I forgot to mention, amidst all to the cheering and Chickasaw war dances, I managed to log a solid HLAZ-1566 as my second TP Barefoot... second country, too, with the Sony T615.

There were lots of relogs from Asia and DU, but I'll not list them... all were common, many were listed here on previous AMs.

Well, my total TP station count is now above 80, and I dare to hope to hit 100 this season.  I'll have two more DXpeditions down here this fall and the Chinese come in fairly well at my home on Orcas. You can bet that I'll be ultralighting every AM!

Thanks to Ultralighting, I'm having more fun this season than any for many years.... and every one of those past seasons was fun, too!


John Bryant
Grayland 2008.8
Winradio 313E
Mod. E100 + T615 Ultralights
Wellbrook Phased Array

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