Re: Great Second Morning at Grayland

Guy Atkins

It was that plot you reference, by radio amateur KK6IL, that convinced me this filter is an excellent choice for upgrading my E100. A shape factor of 1.4 is *excellent* for a ceramic filter; this is more like the shape factor of the best of the expensive crystal filters such as INRAD models I have used, or the ICOM FL-44A. 
The best crystal filter shape factors I know of are in the 1.3-1.4 range. However, top grade crystal filters are much too large to fit inside the E100, but the CFJ455K5 is *just* small enough to fit within the E100.
The CFJ455K5 is the same filter used as the narrow 2.4 filter in the larger Eton E1. Maybe that is why the E100 is so happy with this particular filter upgrade  :^)
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA

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> John, FYI, the Murata filter we love for the E100 is nominally
> 2.3 kHz, not 5 kHz.

In fact, it's a 2.4 kHz nominal filter (sez p05e9.pdf). This
one measured 2.9 kHz @ -6 dB:
Shape factor is about 1.4, not too shabby. It's not clear
from the catalog how many elements the CFJs actually have,
must be at least 9. Nice metal cased SSB filters in any case.


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