Re: E-100 band locking up

starship20012001 <starship_2001@...>

OK thanks i took them in and out a few times it cleared up so i know
to expect this once in while.
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This is very interesting - the same thing happened to me with one of
E100's. I replaced the batteries thinking they were weak and then it
but checking the batteries showed they were still ~1.35 volts. They
were the
original batteries that came with the radio, BTW.

Brett N3EVB

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 8:55 PM, ronshire2000

i had a similar instance with one my E100's. it had been sitting
on my
desk in the case for several weeks since last use. i tried to turn
on. it did come on but went right back off on multiple tries. at
i thought maybe the batteries had died even though i hadn't used
much. i removed the battery cover and "rolled the batteries in
and/or pulled one out and put it back in. after that it fired
right up.

i'm guessing that maybe humidity or slight oxidation of batteries
them from providing full power or the batteries we get with them
not much good.


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