Re: E-100 band locking up


i had a similar instance with one my E100's. it had been sitting on my
desk in the case for several weeks since last use. i tried to turn it
on. it did come on but went right back off on multiple tries. at first
i thought maybe the batteries had died even though i hadn't used them
much. i removed the battery cover and "rolled the batteries in place"
and/or pulled one out and put it back in. after that it fired right up.

i'm guessing that maybe humidity or slight oxidation of batteries kept
them from providing full power or the batteries we get with them are
not much good.


I am starting to have issues with the change band button locking up.
when this happens i cannot change the band. to correct it i need to
remove the batteries and hit reset quickly and put batteries back in
before the time is lost. the radio has been used heavily this summer
but not abused . it was always transported in its soft pouch. perhaps
something i wearing out or has worked loose under the hood. i don't
see any other reports of this so i know its just mine acting up any
suggestions. forget pulling it apart i will end up destroying it . i
may have to just live with it at worse.

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