Re: Great Second Morning at Grayland

Gary DeBock

John and Guy,
     Every time I take the Murata-filter-equipped E100 out to Grayland, its performance is amazing, just like John is experiencing.  It not only cuts through domestic slop like a knife, but seems to boost up the S/N ratio even on DX stations in the clear.  The CFJ455K5 filter makes a world of difference. 
     Congratulations again, John, on your outstanding Ultralight DX catches.  It's kind of a puzzle why North Korea-657 hasn't showed up for you... that one usually comes in whenever CRI-963 is strong.  But your long list of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans will be the standard of success, for Ultralight TP chasers this season.  This is more fun than anybody ever expected  :>)
     73,  Gary . 

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