First Morning: Grayland 2008.8 Ultralights

Gary DeBock

Hello John,
     Wow, congratulations on logging the 18 Asians and 1 DU on the E100, inductively coupled to the Wellbrook Array.  It certainly sounds exciting, and I wish I could have joined you at Grayland this week (at least to make sure that my favorite picnic table doesn't blow away in the windstorm!).
     Of course, your E100 hooked up to the Wellbrook Array will always outperform an E100 using only a large loopstick (or even a beverage), but my modified E100 (Murata narrow filter plus 7.5" slider loopstick) has logged some exciting DX for me at Grayland, such as Fiji-639, Tonga-1017 and multiple Aussies and Kiwis.  Like you said, we haven't had much chance to compare signal levels, since I was always away at the picnic table on the two mornings we were both at Grayland.  It's kind of like comparing apples to oranges, but maybe next time we can set up a table right outside of Room 15..assuming that there is no RF hash to jumble up the results.
     One of the most exciting things about the upcoming fall season is the chance to use the modified E100, modified !CF-2010 (30" loopstick), and modified ICF-SW7600GR (7.5" loopstick) to chase Asian TP's at Grayland, and even at home.  These all were designed primarily to chase DU's at Grayland, and proved quite successful.  With the stronger Asian TP signal levels, they should be a real blast to use around October. 
     Your relative DX performance percentages for the 313 + Wellbrook Array or Beverages, E100 + Wellbrook Array or Beverages, E100 + Big Loopsticks and Stock SRF-T615 are very interesting, John.  Of course, I've never used a Wellbrook Array or Beverage with the E100, but this summer's five trips to Grayland provided enough evidence to construct this table of my own DX experiences:
     ICF-2010 + 30" Loopstick                                       100%     (8 Aussies, 5 Kiwis, etc.)
     E100 + 7.5" Slider Loopstick + Murata IF filter           66%     (5 Aussies, 3 Kiwis, Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii) 
     ICF-SW7600GR + Amidon 7.5" Loopstick                 20%     (2 Aussies, 1 Kiwi, Hawaii)
     SRF-39FP + Amidon 7.5" Loopstick                         10%     (1 Aussie, Hawaii)  
     Stock SRF-T615                                                     10%     (1 Aussie, Hawaii) 
     The stock SRF-T615 is very competitive for Asian TP's at Grayland, however, John.  It logged 8 of them during a single visit on April 20th.  It all depends on catching great conditions, as you know.
     73,  Gary . 

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