Re: First Morning: Grayland 2008.8 Ultralights

robert ross

At 05:03 PM 8/19/2008, you wrote:

Anyway, this first morning at Grayland was wonderful. I added two new
countries (Thailand and China), brought my total T-P station count to
above 50 and got my first T-P Barefoot.
BRAVO JOHN!!!!!!!! Way to go. I'm really happy when you log new stuff for
the first time....because I am well aware of the Tremendous effort you put
into your DX sessions.....even before you turn on the Radio. Every one of
these fantastic loggings is well earned...and took a lot of preliminary
work on your part!!!

You are a Role Model to all ULR Dx'ers.......Hell...I'd be happy to hear
some of this stuff on a Top of the Line receiver!! Good Work John....

Passing the landmark of 50 T-Ps makes me wonder if 100 is possible in the
Unlimited Class. I sort of think so, but I bet that it takes more than
one good season. Getting that first T-P Barefoot makes me wonder about
that, too. I'd have to get me a little umbrella tent tall enough to sit in
a chair at a little table. I'll be durned if I will sit or stand in the
rain and wind and COLD out here on the Coast to DX! There are limits,
after all!!!

John right now there may be limits....but as you log rarer and rarer
stuff...and continue to amaze even may find that the
"Limits" you speak of.....become less and less . Wait til you have 99
Trans-Pacifics Logged......and just need one more to hit 100.....then and
maybe only then....can I see JB sitting out in a Puddle looking for that
elusive #100!!


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