Re: Personal UL Distance Record


Saudi Arabia on 1521 should be a slam-dunk. Of course it's easy up
here in the Boston area but I actually heard it on a Sony '2010
during a business trip in Dec. 1986 from my room at the Residence Inn
next to the airport in El Paso, Texas. It was muscling KOMA-1520

Other than that, you could try for Canaries on 621. This hits the
southeastern US pretty well. Spain on 585, 684, 774, 855, 1044,
1098, 1116 et al. should be in there too.

Saudi Arabia counts as Asia, Canaries as Africa, and Spain as Europe
so you should be able to knock off these 3 continents without much

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

--- In ultralightdx@..., John Cereghin <pastor@...> wrote:

My goal for 2500 miles? Anything European. :)

John Cereghin

Steve Ponder <n5wbi@...> wrote: John,

Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment! When I lived in
North Carolina, some of the Venezuelan stations were "semi-
regulars" on my Realistic TRF, but that was back in the late
'70's before the FCC allowed the band to get clogged up.

Anyway, what's your target for breaking the 2500 mile barrier?


73 & Great DX,

Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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