Re: Summertime Shootout Produces New Ultralight Radio Sensitiv...

Gary DeBock

Hi Rob,
     Thanks for your comments, and glad to know that you've ordered a new DT-400W.  The radio really is an exceptional performer, both on AM and FM.  During the FM testing, I heard the "Jack FM" station in Vancouver, BC (96.9 Mhz) for the first time, something I had never even heard with an FM loop on my 40' tower.
     I always thought that the SRF-T615 would be unbeatable in wide-band AM sensitivity, until this shocker.  So, Ultralight DXers, miracles do happen, and now is the time to secure your new DT-400W... before the fall DX season begins (and Sangean notices the boom in orders :>)
                        73,  Gary 

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