Re: Summertime Shootout Produces New Ultralight Radio Sensitivity Winner

robert ross

At 04:02 PM 8/18/2008, you wrote:

Hello Guys,
     Much to the astonishment of the reviewer, a new Ultralight digital radio model has finally managed to surpass the Sony SRF-T615 in wide-band stock AM sensitivity.  In doing so, it has also exceeded the stock sensitivity performance of the Eton E100.
     The new Sangean DT400W has a fully redesigned RF board, making it much more than just a DT200VX with a yellow cabinet.  The RF board AM components are nowhere near their DT200VX positions, and Sangean's engineers have obviously solved the problem of limited AM sensitivity bandwidth (evident in the DT200VX).
     The DT400W equals the SRF-T615 performance on low band, and the Eton E100 performance on high band, making it the only Ultralight model with unsurpassed sensitivity on all AM frequencies.  As a bonus, its image reception (900 Khz below locals) is negligible, and it has no detectable spurs in my suburban environment  Selectivity is superior to that of the SRF-T615, and approaches that of the E100.


    After reading your message above.....all I can say is..."The Great and Mighty OZ has spoken!!"............

I have been looking at this new Sangean for a couple of weeks wondering what it was gonna do for ULR DX Enthuiasts????? Now that you have already let the cat outta the bag on how good this little ULR is....I have No Choice but to order one!!! So...That's just what I did.....not just because you gave it such a glowing report....but because I really like the Yellow Case!! HAHHAHA...just kidding!! should be here in a couple of days...and I will be able to let you know just what I think of it!! I have been tuning around on the band the last couple of nights....and things seem to be picking up ...edging towards the New Fall DX what better time to pick up a NEW TOY...just in time for the New DX Season!! Will this be the radio that will get me to 500 ULR Stations Heard??? We shall see???

Thanks for the Advance Shootout Report on this Sangean ULR Gary....I really was gonna order one just sped up the process!!

I look forward to the entire Shootout report....and especially the results on this new Sangean.

Hey....I just bought a New SANGEAN HD AM/FM Tuner last week as well (Which I REALLY LIKE!!).........Never owned anything by Sangean til I have 2 Sangean Radios!!!

This being off work for 2 Months on the really leaving me with way too much time on my hands....but I'm having a lot of fun being able to "Play Radio", whenever I want....and have added some nice new additions to the DX Gear in the Shack!!


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