DX "Toys" Website - Caution: May Be Addictive!

Steve Ponder <n5wbi@...>

While digging through my closet the other night (no, my name
is not Fibber McGee, although it could be, I guess), I came
across a knee-board that I had long forgotten I had. I bought
it a few years ago when I was in much better health and was
active in the QRP side of ham radio.

What is a Knee-board? It's a sturdy clipboard that you place
on your upper leg, just above your knee, and secure with some
velcro straps. That way, as you sit and listen to the radio,
you have a handy notepad to jot notes, callsigns, etc. on.
Plus, if you have to change locations, it literally walks with

Here's the website from which I bought my knee-board:


They're primarily used by pilots, but another QRP operator
was using one of their knee-boards. I liked it so much, he
gave me the URL and I ordered one for myself.

WARNING - the website is addictive! There are so many neat
things one can buy. BEWARE!

I use my knee-board now for "dashboard dx'ing" or just
sitting around the house. Mine holds a 5x8 inch pad, so I'm
thinking of buying one that holds a standard size notepad.


73 & Great DX,

Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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