Re: New E100: First impressions <huelbe_garcia@...>

Stephan Grossklass wrote:
So they took the PL450, shrank it a bit, and there was an OEM-only set.
Following the brilliant work made by Stephan, I played around with Google Images and find this page:

It has internal pictures of Tecsun PL350 and Tecsun PL450.

I quickly compared the E100 old/new pictures in group's photo area [1] posted by John. There is no direct comparison, you soon realize PL3/450 are 4.5v receivers. However, here my quick findings:
. PL-350 and old-E100 share the same ferrite rod antenna (a small coil on the right of the rod);
. PL-350 and old-E100 have a 'eye-catchy' integrated circuit in square format;
. PL-450 and new-E100 have a centered, spread coil over the ferrite rod plus a pick-up coil at the right.

Stephan, your hypothesii make completely sense.

Besides that, if only constructional details could rate the performance of a receiver, I would say Tecsun's PL450 is good. It was nice to see a number of RF shields and real micro-switches (instead of membrane-kind) on the PCB.



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