Re: New E100: First impressions

Gary DeBock

Hello Stephan (and John),
     Thank you very much, Stephan, for the excellent and thorough technical description of the "new" (serial # 0709XXXXXX) E100 model.  Until your detailed report, only John had reported receiving one of these radically redesigned E100's, which caused consternation here in North America due to the changes in the MW components.
     As you may be aware, the "old" E100's, with their 455 kHz IF, two-lead loopstick coil connection, and other refinements have proven ideal here in North America for DXpedition modifications, enabling the stock sensitivity and selectivity to be greatly enhanced.  Specifically, these involve replacement of the stock IF filter with a Murata CFJ455K5 ceramic-type upgrade, and the mediocre stock loopstick with an Amidon 7.5" x .5" ferrite-bar based sliding-coil loopstick.  According to your description of the revamped MW section in the "new" E100 model, these modifications may no longer be possible.
     I recently ordered my fourth E100 from Durham radio in Canada to investigate their willingness to screen serial numbers, to avoid sending out "new" models.  While not absolutely promising to send me an "old" model, Jamie and the Durham crew did indeed send me an "old" E100 (at $44.00 US, the current special price), which was very promptly shipped   European enthusiasts might try that source, if all else fails.
                                                                                                 73,  Gary DeBock 

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