Re: Grundig G6


I'm with John, and also wondering if with the small SSB tuning steps, one
can tune a couple khz down from a station and then zero beat back in, thus
prefering the lower sideband over the upper? Maybe even shaving the upper
one off? The ability to mimic true ECSS on the G6 would be incredibly

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

If there are any G6 owners out there, I'm still wondering about the
MW tuning steps with the jog dial. The review that Steve pointed me
to talks of "small steps" or such, but I'm really hoping for at least
100 Hz as the smallest step in Slow.... for SSB use, natch. Anybody got

John B.

At 12:24 AM 8/16/2008 -0500, you wrote:


Read the G6 review by Ann E. Revelle on the Amazon webpage ...


"Unlike some other radios, SSB tuning is also available on the
G6 on the AM band as well as on SW which is a very useful feature.
The separate ability to step tune in very small increments with the
jog dial setting is also excellent in my opinion once a signal of
interest has been located."

Sounds like this person may have answered your questions!


Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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