Re: New E100: First impressions

Stephan Grossklass

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I would love to hear the manufacturer's explanation of this
design/marketing decision!!
Redesigns "under the hood" are not uncommon among Chinese
radio manufacturers. Just think of the Tecsun PL550 which
originally wasn't so hot on shortwave but was reworked
after the PL350 (with generally better performance) came
out. Similar moves resulted in the previous E100 (PL200)
versions. Admittedly a complete redesign isn't common.

A distinct advantage of the current design for the
manufacturer is that it has far fewer alignment points.
In addition, full shortwave coverage does not require
RF tracking on at least 2 ranges, as it would be necessary
for a single conversion set. The effort saved there can be
invested into a good 1st mixer, the ones integrated into
the usual ICs do not tend to be so great in terms of strong
signal handling. (That a wideband design is more
susceptible to intermod generated by further-off stations
is another matter.)

Basically the old design, being all single conversion, was
anachronistic even when it came out. Building a competitive
shortwave portable with single conversion just isn't
possible. (Mediumwave is a different story.) Tecsun could
only pull this off with very cheap labor.

I would guess that Tecsun wanted to discontinue the PL200
in order to harmonize radio production, but contracts for
the E100 weren't ending any time soon. So they took the
PL450, shrank it a bit, and there was an OEM-only set.
(Degen now makes a number of OEM-only models as well. This
reflects the changed role of these Chinese manufacturers.)
Since all of Tecsun's PLL portables are operated almost
identically anyway, this area could be left virtually


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