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John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Thanks, Steve! That was an excellent review.

The G6 sounds like a winner, though I was disappointed to learn that the AM band only used the ferrite bar antenna, where SW was provided with an external antenna input port. I suspect that I'll be opening the back and installing an inductive loop from the ferrite bar to the antenna input port..... might even shorten the ferrite bar as I'm not interested in using the G6 Barefoot.

John B.

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Read the G6 review by Ann E. Revelle on the Amazon webpage ...

"Unlike some other radios, SSB tuning is also available on the
G6 on the AM band as well as on SW which is a very useful feature.
The separate ability to step tune in very small increments with the
jog dial setting is also excellent in my opinion once a signal of
interest has been located."

Sounds like this person may have answered your questions!


Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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