Re: Best ever signal from JOUB this morning


Hi all, yes signals from both Japan and Europe have been good into Colorado during the last 24 hours. I was able to copy both JOUB-774 and JOIB-747 this morning barefoot using my PL-310. Both were weak, but at peaks I was able to copy. Using my Palomar antenna both were fairly strong. I listened for a couple of the South Korean flamethrowers, but heard nothing.

Yesterday evening I was able to copy Croatia-1134 and France-1377 using the PL-310 and Palomar antenna. Both were weak, but readable.

BTW, I listened to FM last night and like another poster noted, I don't think the meteor shower has peaked yet. Pings per minute seemed only slightly higher than normal.

Jerry, KD0GS
Longmont, CO

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This morning I received JOUB 774 with the best signal ever heard here. It was first noted on my ICOM R75 at 0906 UTC with Radio Japan news in English. I changed to the SRF-T615 at 0910, listening until 1032. News in Spanish was broadcast at 0915, followed by Portuguese at 0930. From 0945, there were three 15-minute English lessons. Sometimes the signal peaked to good strength. There were occasional random deep fades, but fewer than usually experienced. The signal eventually faded under WBBM 780 at 1028, leaving only a weak heterodyne whistle.

At 1224, JOUB was heard again with a poor signal in the sideband of nearby KSPI 780 on an E100. Tuning to 747 at 1227, I found JOIB at fair strength with slight KRMG 740 QRM, eventually fading away at 1230. The stations were broadcasting a repeat of the English language lessons heard earlier.

There was a strong het on 972 kHz which didn't disappear until 1256, about 13 minutes after local sunrise. Also, were also weak hets on 594, 693, 702 and 828.

Thus far, this has been the best week of the current DX season. I hope other ULR DXers on the southern Great Plains were able to catch an NHK station this morning.

Good DX to all,


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N/97° 26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)
Sony SRF-T615 & Etón E100
ICOM R75/Quantum QX Loop

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