Re: HK Japan 774 Copied In Colorado


Your NHK audio sounds excellent. Congrats!

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 5:07 PM, gerfmon wrote:

Hi all, had my first decent copy of a TP from Japan around 6:45 AM (12:45 UTC) this morning. The program was a English language lesson called "Radio English Conversation".
A little internet research confirms that NHK does broadcast such a program. The program ended at 13:00 UTC, followed by what sounded like a weather forcast in Japanese. The signal faded out for good around 13:20.

Used my Tecsun PL-310, 1 KHz bandwidth, connected to a Palomar Engineers ferrite loop. With the 1 KHz bandwidth I still had quite a bit of splatter from 770 KHz.

I made a recording using a cheap MP3 recorder held up to the speaker of the radio. It's not a great recording, but it is generally understandable. You can listen to the file under:

Files>Member Sound Files>NHK_Japan_774_10_20_2009.mp3
Absolutely amazing what you can do with a $39.99 radio!! Now I need a good copy on a TA!

Jerry, KD0GS
Longmont, CO

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