Re: CROATIA 1134 ....Strong tonight on 2 Different ULR's!!!


I didn't have a chance to listen tonight, but last night, right around sunset I heard a very weak station at 1134 from here in Colorado. It wasn't strong enough to identify the language, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't English or Spanish. The station faded out completely with darkness.

I'm using my Tecsun PL-310 hooked to a Palomar Engineers ferrite loop antenna.

Jerry, KD0GS
Longmont, CO

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Hi Guys:

At 2030 EDT I have 1134 Zadar CROATIA in Slavic Language and Music with
a NICE Signal on 2 Different ULRs (The Only 2 Have Tried so far!!).

The ETON E100 Slider with Narrow Murata Filter and the TECSUN PL-310
BAREFOOT are receiving this Equal Strength.

The Amazing thing is that I am in my Basement Family Room about 5 Feet

I've heard of DXing GRAVEYARD Stations...but Man.....another foot and
I'd be in the Graveyard Literally!!

If anyone needs CROATIA on Ultralight...tonight is a Good Night to try!!

And's a RELOG for The ULR LOG!!

Looked around and haven't found any other Trans Atlantics yet however.......


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
London, Ontario CANADA

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