Re: Sony SRF-S84-- Tiniest of the CXA1129N Analog Family

Stephan Grossklass

Sadly, CXA1129 based radios are near unobtainium over here.
One can get a SRF-S84N (is that the same as the "regular"
one?) for close to 50 EUR, but that's about it.

Re: spam, I haven't had much trouble with unmoderated
groups either. One only has to make sure that there is
some moderation redundancy, which (a) ensures that spam
can be deleted quickly if it does crop up and (b) should
keep a group from ending up without any active moderator
at all, since an abandoned group flooded with spam is
about the most frustrating thing ever (and Yahoo! can do
little more than delete it, which generally is not what
one wants).


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