Re: Sony SRF-M37V/W alignment

Gary DeBock

Hello Richard,
     I just finished the MW alignment of my new SRF-M37W, in preparation for the Summertime Shootout.  It is not an alignment for the faint-hearted, to say the least.
     You were very close to finishing the alignment yourself--  the last step was to adjust the "CT2 MW RF" control to peak a high-band (1360-1450 kHz) weak signal.  This is the trimming capacitor closest to the upper right corner of the radio, and also the one at the tip of my index finger in a photo I will upload to the group photo site.
     The alignment itself requires a jumper wire between the disconnected red wire and the front circuit board ground, and also requires the hobbyist to hold the battery in place (to contact both the positive and negative leads).  In addition, the front panel should be placed over the front circuit board to allow use of the On-Off switch and Tuning controls, which creates quite a collection of jumpers, fingers, and circuit boards.
     The loopstick only has one coil secured with wax, however--  the other is secured with glue, and is not part of the 600 kHz alignment.  After this tricky procedure, no performance improvement was gained.  The new SRF-M37W was aligned to maximum sensitivity at the factory, with final sensitivity moderate in comparison to the SRF-T615.  Selectivity is still barn-door wide (local KSUH-1450 is heard from 1400-1610).
                                                                                 73,  Gary DeBock   

In a message dated 8/9/2008 7:00:42 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, richarda@... writes:

Thanks everyone.

I managed to freed up the moving coil for the 600 kHz adjustment. Now
I need to figure out which control is used for the 1400 kHz
adjustment. My guess it's either the one marked "L4 MW OSC" or "CT2
MW RF". Because of thunderstorms I'll have to wait until another day.

I have to admit the E100 is easier to work on than the M37V/W. But as
some DXers have shown the little receiver has potential.

Richard Allen.


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