Re: Sony SRF-M37V/W alignment

Gary DeBock

Hi Guy, Richard and Kevin,
     The new SRF-M37W here needs to be aligned anyway before the Summertime Shootout, so I'll just put it at the top of the list, and write notes about which coils and trimmers to adjust.  For those needing alignment instructions for either the SRF-M37V or 37W models, this should do the trick.
     By the way, most of our current Ultralight model alignment instructions were made possible only by tinkerers performing "quick and dirty" operations without a service manual.  Guy was the first to perform the DT-200VX and SRF-T615 alignments, and deserves a lot of thanks for his efforts.  The E100 procedure was also developed this way here, among others.  The "quick and dirty" alignment procedure will also be performed on the SRF-M97V, SRF-S84, and DT-400W, before the Summertime Shootout.  We can then be sure how much sensitivity these units are capable of, as well as know how good the factory alignment is.
                                     73,  Gary

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