Re: Sony SRF-M37V/W alignment

Guy Atkins

Hi Gary,
Unfortunately I have no useful information to share on the SRF-M37V alignment. This model was the very first one ultralight I tried to align, and in so doing I reduced the sensitivity somehow to a point where it only receives the strongest locals. In fact, I think I may have blown an input transistor or similar. I was careful to return all trimmers, inductors, etc. to their original settings but the sensitivity I ended up with is nowhere near the stock sensitivity.
I have had wonderful results with "quick and dirty" alignments on other models such as the Sangeans and Etons, but the M37V was a dismal failure. I have moved on to using other models, particularly the E100, and I don't plan to work further with the M37V.
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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Hello Richard and Kevin,
     Because of a timing quirk, the SRF-M37V is one of the very few Ultralights that I haven't yet aligned.  It was part of the "Round One" Shootout posted on in late December, before I routinely started to align Ultralight radios prior to shootout competitions.  I know that local Puyallup, WA resident (and filter guru) Guy Atkins has done an alignment on an SRF-M37V, using instructions that I provided for a "quick and dirty" alignment on any AM portable without a service manual.  Perhaps he will read this, and share his experience. 

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