Re: Reception of 738-Taiwan on Tecsun PL-310

Gary DeBock

Hi Chuck,
Thanks for your comments on the 738-Taiwan recording.
Of course, I agree with you that the audio quality of Taiwan on the PL-310's 2 or 3 kc filter settings would be best in this particular situation, since the 740-KCBS splatter was not a major problem. In some tough TP-chasing situations where the DX is only 1 kc away from a domestic station, however, the 1 kc filter is sometimes the only way to make a reception, despite the degraded audio quality.
By the way, 738-Taiwan did have a weak signal on the stock PL-310 this morning, although there was much more 740-KCBS splatter. The 9' box loop not only boosted Taiwan's signal greatly, but tuned out a lot of the KCBS splatter. The recording was made on a Sony ICD-SX57 audio recorder, then re-recorded on an Edirol R09 to make the MP3.
73, Gary (in Puyallup, WA)   

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A superb recording! What were you using to actually make the recording? Lots of fidelity there.

Actually, I thought best audio recovery a toss up between the 2-3KC filter. Yes, the 1 kc reduced the splatter a bit more however, if the station ID were given by a woman, it might be more difficult to understand the higher pitched voice in a more narrow bandwidth.

I wish we had some TA activity here. Cried in my beer with John about that yesterday....

Chuck Rippel
Chesapeake, VA

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> Hi Richard,
> Thanks for your comments on the 738-Taiwan recording. The TP conditions
> this morning were actually well below average, so it will be interesting to
> see what the PL-310 can do when the TP's really boom in.
> For a PL-310 owner living in the middle of the USA, the DSP selectivity
> should really help in cutting down the domestic splatter when chasing TP's
> (or TA's). It seems that Tecsun has really worked the bugs out of the DSP
> filtering system, which provides optimum choices for all types of DXing.
> 73, Gary

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