Re: Kchibo D96L arrived today


I wish Anon_co would send an English manual for the PL-310. I have no idea if swallowing the included AA batteries is harmful or not. ;)

Jerry, KD0GS
Longmont, CO

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Thank you for the heads up on the manual. I actually was able to set the tuning step, time/date and tuning speed from the Chinese manual. However, thank goodness for your pointer to the English version on the site so I could read this important tip:

"8. Do not put batteries mouth. If you swallow it, the
electrolyte may result in poisoning."

BTW: The "chuffing" is still there. That said, its something I can live with. The D96L its not a bad sounding radio and I immediately noticed its nulling ability surpassed my G8.

All said, I would agree this is a different production run from those previously reviewed if only that the filter selections now actually match what is displayed.

It's amazing the level of performance and technology one gets for the price along with 2 LIon batteries...

Am waiting for my variable capacitors to arrive from The Crystal Set Society so I can finish my 40" per side loop and build a crate loop.

As an aside note, was talking with long time friend, John Bryant yesterday. One of the topics was how "obliquely similar" Ultra-Light DX'ing is with traditional SWBC DX. The fun is in the

Chuck Rippel
Chesapeake, VA

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