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dhsatyadhana <satya@...>

Hey Chuck:

It looks like you have one from a subsequent production run - congrats!

In addition to the filter indication snafu, I would be curious if they fixed the significant "chuffing" noise on AM while the back light is on for the LCD. With all but the strongest signals, this makes the first 5 seconds of listening a challenge, since any keystroke or knob turn will cause the backlight to come on for 5 seconds or so.

In case you haven't seen it, a fairly complete English rendityion of the maual is in the "Files > 4 Radios, Reviews, Manuals > Radio Manuals" section here on the Yahoo group.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

--- In, "chuck_rippel" <Chuck.Rippel@...> wrote:

And I actually got the clock set! Now to set the tuning steps to 10kc v/s 9.

Seems to work very well and this version has the band widths actually match the display. F1 is the most narrow, F6 widest.

2 LIon batteries, 220V charger, USB power cord for charging. Manual is 100% Chinese though.

Only gripe so far (an what do you expect for the price v/s features?) is the tuning knob is a bit cheesy.

My measurements are 5.626" X 3.5" X .875"

Chuck Rippel
Chesapeake, VA

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