Re: Tecsun PL-310-- A Possible Ultralight After All?


Ok, I pulled out my caliper and I measure:

5.32 inches wide.
5.52 inches wide including the tuning knob on the side.
3.375 inches tall.
1.125 inches deep.

My insights on the radio so far as compared to my Grundig G8:

1.Longwave is about the same as the G8 - pretty deaf without an external antenna.

2.Medium wave is slightly more sensitive than my G8. I can just start to hear KLOE, Goodland, KS, 1000 watts, 190 miles away during the daylight hours, using the stock antenna. I cannot copy it at all using the G8 with stock antenna.

3.Shortwave is quite a bit more sensitive than my G8. Radio New Zealand on 15.720 tonight was 15 DBu and a bit of a hard copy on the G8. At the same time it was 28 DBu and pretty good copy using the PL-310.

4.FM is a little less sensitive than the G8 but the selectivity remains very good. I can weakly copy a station from Cheyenne, WY on 93.7 MHz with the G8. At the same time, I can barely tell it's there using the PL-310.

5.The narrow bandwidths (3, 2, and 1 KHz) work pretty well to eliminate co-channel interference. Surprising, the audio is not that muffled even at 1 KHz.

6.Contrary to my earlier post, the soft muting is still just as annoying on weak stations as on the G8.

6.My biggest gripe so far...the tuning step size jumps around out of control. Whether I'm moving the tuning dial very slow, slow, or even fast, one second the tuning is moving in 1 KHz increments, the next second in 10 KHz increments, then back to 1 KHz. Sometimes makes it a real PITA to zero in a frequency.

Those of you that have your radios now, please let me know if the tuning step thing is "as designed" or if I've got another problem with my PL-310.

Jerry, KD0GS
Longmont, CO

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