Sony SRF-M37V/W alignment


Has anyone performed an alignment of a M37? If so, could you share
with us how to do it?

Because I have three of these little receivers, I decided to
disassemble the least sensitive one. After removing four screws from
the back, you have to be careful with the clips holding the
logic/display circuit board in place. They are easily broken,
especially the one over the battery compartment. Also a short wire
runnig between the two circuit boards needs to be unsoldered. It's in
the lower left hand side, near the DX/local switch.

But I don't know where the adjustment points for alignment are
located. And I don't want to rely on guesswork.

I really enjoy using these little receivers, whether for general
listening or DXing. I always carry one (or a SRF-M35) with me to
sporting events. They fit into my hand just right and, in my opinion,
have a decent battery life. True, strong signals tend to spill over to
adjacent channels, such as local KFXY-1640 is heard from 1620 to 1660
kHz during the day. I assume this can be corrected somewhat with
tighter filters. So far I haven't found the images some others have
reported. However, I do wonder about Sony quality control because the
sensitivity on my three sets varies widely with the newer M37W being
the best. It's amazing how well the five centimeter antenna pulls in
signals. Its nulling ability is excellent.

The only real disappointment I've found is the weather band - it's
useless. I live in what is called "tornado alley" and the M37W's are
often sold locally (especially by Wal-Mart) as weather radios. It's
definitely false advertising.

Again, if anyone knows how to align the M37, please tell the rest of
us how it's done. It's a readily available, affordable ULR with DX

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