Received My PL-310 Today - Broken?


I received my Tecsun PL-310 about 11 AM today. Carefully unpacked it, installed some batteries...and away I went. But....I can't get the volume to adjust. It's stuck at about mid-range and won't adjust either up or down.

With only a Chinese manual I can't read whether or not there's some strange key sequence to enable the volume control. I opened the radio up and checked the volume control, all the soldering looks okay. Even did a reset of the radio, no cigar.

Otherwise my initial impressions of the PL-310 are pretty positive. AM and longwave seem slightly more sensitive than my G8. Shortwave is MUCH better. The 1 to 6 KHz bandwidths seem to work very well. The soft muting is still there, but seems to be less aggressive than on my G8.

Another initial gripe is the tuning steps are weird and seem to jump from one value to another as I tune the radio, with no respect to how fast or slow I'm tuning. There may be a key to change the tuning, but I haven't figured it out yet without an English manual.

I hope I can fix the volume control problem, I really don't want to send the radio back to China.

More to follow...

Jerry, KD0GS
Longmont, CO

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