Sony SRF M37V image problem solved

dhsatyadhana <satya@...>

Hi all:

Jim Kenny and I were talking on the phone and each pulled out our M37V
with a 4.5 khz retrofitted filter installed. Both of us realized that,
unlike the stock M37V, there were no images from strong locals (i.e.,
phantom 680 signal from local 1590, etc.). I then turned on my Sony
7600GR, and the images from my strong locals were blanketing the dial,
but nothing on the M37V! I even tried putting a Terk Loop up to it,
and the true 680 station just came in better.

So, it appears that with a decent filter, the horrid selectivity and
images problems with the stock unit are done away with! Not sure if it
does anything for spurs such as those that Gary DeBock finds at his
QTH. I will have to check tomorrow when spur DXing conditions are at
their peak :-).

I am speculating that, as the TV band goes away, M37Vs will be at close-
out prices pretty soon. With 5 memories and 9 khz tuning, perhaps not
a bad investment! The DX challenges that remain for this little guy
are working around the modest selectivity from the native micro-
ferrite, and the inability to tune 1 khz off like the Eton e100 can.

73 - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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