Welcome to New Ultralightdx Members!

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     We are thrilled at the rapid growth of Ultralight radio interest among the AM-DX community, and very happy to note that our Yahoo group site now has 59 members.
     We also extend our warmest welcome to new members markjtaylor73, darobin12001, radioman69uk, sgrossklass, flemingchris, and rjbrjb20022002.  Our worldwide enthusiast group is united by interest in AM-DXing with relatively inexpensive pocket radios, and we all stand ready to assist you in any possible way concerning technical questions, equipment reviews, and high-performance modifications.
     Please also take advantage of the numerous Ultralight radio-related files posted on dxer.ca, truly a treasure trove of helpful information for all DXers interested in the excitement and challenge of pocket radio AM-DXing (for which we again express our gratitude to Colin Newell).
73 and Best Wishes,
Gary DeBock (N7EKX)
Puyallup, WA USA 

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