RED ALERT: For Those Interested in E100S !

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

RED ALERT:  Friday, I opened up my last unmodified E100, planning to do the Full Monty, align, replace the IF filter and make capable of using both outside antennas and larger ferrite bars. When I popped the back, I almost had a heart attack!  IT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT INSIDE!!!  Different boards, different components, different design of the ferrite loopstick coil (much like the SRF-59!)  The parts count is also lower and there seem to be efforts to reduce costs in several areas.  The only thing that looks better is the IF Filter.... this E100 reads more nearly on, but is about 500 hertz low.

When Gary writes his review of the E100 for our series on this wonderful little radio, I'm sure that he will test this particular unit against our more normal ones. Until then, I can't say for sure, but my gut feeling is this "NEW" E100 model is less of a radio than any of our "OLD" ones. Here is what I know for sure:

1. It can't be aligned to peak performance because each of the (2) coils on the ferrite bar is GLUED down.
2. It is a completely different RF design and uses a large major coil jointly with a smaller "tickler" coil. THEREFORE, none of our current ferrite bar replacement strategies can be applied to this new radio design... at least not very easily.
3. At this point, I have no idea whether our IF filter substitution would work in this new circuit. However, it appears that the IF is still 455, so it may work.... tho' why anyone would put a $50 filter in a radio that can't be aligned is not obvious to me.

In short, if you are thinking of buying an E100, I would suggest that you make VERY sure that it is not one of these new ones. At least that is the advice that makes the most sense right now.

I wanted to talk this over with Durham Radio before I went public with it. Since many of us, including me, had bought our radios there and since Durham has been such wonderful support to the radio hobbies for a long time, I wanted to see what they knew and gather a bit more information before sharing this with the community. Thanks to Rob Ross, I learned that Durham would not be open until today, so I contacted my co-authors Saturday and we did a quick project comparing serial numbers. Here are the results 

All E100 serial numbers begin E10-0 and the nine-digit number listed below

SORT By Serial Number
Owner- No     O/N Serial Number    Comments
G Atkins - #1    OLD 503011604
J Bryant - #1     OLD 504016168   Pur. May 08 JHB's Longwire Set
G. Atkins - #2    OLD 504019074
J Bryant - #2     OLD 504019367   Pur. June 08 Ferrite Set
J Bryant - #4     OLD 505023942   Pur. June 08 JHB pur. Parts Set
R Ross - #1     OLD 704029648    Pur. Durham April 08
G DeBock - #1 OLD 704029656    Pur. Durham April 08 w/Rob Ross Stock
R Ross - #2     OLD 704029682     Pur. Durham late July 08
K Schanilec      OLD 704029693    Anomalous Ferrite Loop stick maybe "NEW"?
G DeBock - #2  OLD 704030008    Pur. Durham June 08 Slider + CFJ455K5 Filter
G DeBock - #3  OLD 704030009    Pur. Durham June 08 Slider
J Bryant - #3     OLD 704030013    Pur. Durham June 08 (Fried by JHB)
J Bryant - #5  "NEW" 709030292   Pur. Durham late July 08

As you can see, my NEW and different model has a serial number substantially higher than any of the others in our small early inquiry. Happily, there are a few subtle external differences that can distinguish OLD and NEW, as well.  I'll insert one picture here.  If you cannot see this, there are several photos in our Photo area.

Today, I talked to "Jamie" at Durham, who was very helpful. I got the sense that they still have several hundred and he pulled a new case of twenty and looked in the battery compartment. The serial number was VERY safe, in the 504 or 505 series. I discussed how important the difference between the two sub-models is to us Ultralighters and he was quite sympathetic. I asked if they could possibly check the serial numbers before sales for those of us who request such and he indicated that they would try to help us, if we would request such at the time of purchase. Most helpful! Obviously Durham Radio is a "real radio company!"

If you are buying on EBAY, I think that you should make very sure that the radio pictured is the EXACT radio that is being offered. If it is so, then you can check the typeface for the difference in the two sub-models.... At least we hope that no new boards were put in old cases. Wow!

I would be happy to gather more serial numbers in the database and post it.  They are located in the battery compartment and easily accessed by removing the batteries. We are particularly interested in hearing from people who own radios in the 704 and higher series and would love to hear if anyone else has a set with the new elegant block lettered typeface.

I'll upload pictures of the interior comparison as well as the typeface to our Photo Area in a few minutes.


John B.
Orcas Island, WA, USA
Rcvrs: WiNRADiO 313e, Eton e1, Ultralights
Antennas: Two 70' x 100' Conti Super Loops, West and Northwest

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